Pendleton Jewelers

Pendleton Jewelers
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Local News

  • Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Vergin Wool Bags
    Aside from a strong range of apparel and footwear, the Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Collection offers a wealth of accessories, including this set of Vergin Wool Bags. Affordable Diamond Jewelry: ...
  • save some change and shop at the sister exchange in pendleton, in
    in addition to clothing, the shop offers purses, accessories, jewelry, and more. they are also careful to have a seasonal selection, unlike other places that seem to take whatever comes in, regardless of the temperature outside. ...
  • pendleton meets opening ceremony 2009 fall collection
    ... respected retailers alongside the traditions and heritage of pendleton. the collection features a number of staples in both subdued and understated styles as well as much brighter and noticeable patterns. affordable diamond jewelry: ...