Haysville Jewelers

Haysville Jewelers
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  • shopping in the mountains
    in this day and age when almost everything affordable is made in china, we still live with the hope that this jewelry sold by a young indian woman was actually made by her or her relations. ray bought a necklace for our daughter and ...
  • OUDaily.com | 10 years later, tornado survivors share stories of ...
    “The night of May 3 was a life changing experience for me,” said Tim Norton, former mayor of Haysville, Kan. “If you think it won't happen to you, it probably will. My job went from throwing candy at parades and fixing pot-holes to ... “I was pregnant then, and I was a little swollen that day so I couldn't wear my jewelry,” said Amber Murphy, former Bridge Creek resident. “Little did I know that when I took my jewelry off that it would be the last time I would see my ...
  • fashionable accessories and jewelry
    feel yourself like in bed of roses with this elegant jewelry! please do not reply to this email. to contact armstrong shank ... copyright â© 2008 armstrong shank advertising, inc. all rights reserved. 7450 s seneca, haysville, ks 67060.