Kansas City Jewelers

Kansas City Jewelers
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  • It's 78 years and counting for the Plaza Art Fair - Kansas City Star
    It's one of Kansas City's biggest annual events, of course, and a terrific opportunity to ogle lots of interesting-looking art and interesting-looking people.You don't have to spend a dime if you don't want to. ... Some good bets can be found among the photo prints and jewelry, Lowe says. Matted but unframed paintings can be budget-friendly, too. Or if you want to spend upwards of $2000, that's no problem, either.If you like art but love to eat, ...
  • Mich. police say they nabbed `pillowcase' burglars - Kansas City Star
    Over a period of months, burglars stole cash, money jars and jewelry from more than 25 homes in Ottawa, Muskegon and Newaygo counties. Each time they took a pillowcase off a bed to carry the loot.Authorities say the ...
  • Ireland cha-chas from board room to dance floor - Kansas City Star
    Just as Taylor found a millions-generating second career by lending her name to perfume lines and designing jewelry, Ireland graduated from modeling and acting and into very big business. Starting with Kmart socks in 1993 ...