Church Point Jewelers

Church Point Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Church Point, Louisiana.

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  • 2009 Fall Bazaar Guide | |
    8 at Camden High School, 103 Hwy., 158 West, Camden, N.C. Over 80 vendors displaying yard art, jewelry, pottery, candles, art work. Home cooked food provided by Ebenezer Baptist Church. (252) 336-4669. NOV. 8. Cypress Point Circle of ...
  • Preview: Louis Vuitton L'âme du Voyage Collection
    “Vuitton has a strong point of view on everything we do.” Bäumer, for his part, says his mission is to help Vuitton be “recognized, admired and respected as a jeweler. We wanted to show at the beginning the vision, the capacity of ... “It could be [inspired by] the architect Santiago Calatrava, who does really deconstructed things, or it could [reflect] the details in a Gothic church. That's the idea. When you come back from a trip, you see things flash back in your ...
  • Dress codes and Church Discipline
    At this point, the people who espouse this cavalier approach of ignoring those who have the problem suggested that we can't as a church appease everyone. I took that point at face value and said fine. Even if there is a minority of men who struggle, .... I'm sure that some people would consider the way I dress flashy - I favor bold patterns, geometric prints, larger jewelry etc. I think I would be extremely cautious about "disciplining" someone for their clothing choices. ...