Roanoke Jewelers

Roanoke Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Roanoke, Louisiana.

Local News

  • Mountain Magic in Buchanan on October 3
    Crafters will display and sell items ranging from hand woven baskets, handmade soaps, hand stitched clothing, quilts and accessories, hand crafted wooden items and furniture, ceramics, jewelry, stuffed animals and children's toys as ...
  • Busy weekend for foodies
    What: Authentic Greek food for sale, large Greek marketplace with jewelry, scarves, apparel, pottery and much more, some brought to Roanoke from Greece just for this event. Also includes traditional Greek music and dancing, ...
  • Free-Marketeers Don't Understand Markets
    Something we can easily give up is called "elastic demand," easily drying up as prices go too high (ie, fancy jewelry). The opposite - "inelastic demand" - is something we can't give up because it is too important to us. ...