Peabody Jewelers

Peabody Jewelers
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Local News

  • Visitors flock to Peabody – Yale Daily News
    Visitors flock to Peabody Yale Daily News … began in November with the opening of the Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space, which showcases Connecticut geology, gems and antique diamond jewelry. …
  • Playground safety paramount
    Approximately 15 children per year die from playground-related injuries such as strangulation when a piece of loose clothing or jewelry gets caught on equipment or the child’s head gets stuck between climbing bars. ...
  • their various holiday Tiffany jewelry pieces
    It included eminent family names like Annenberg, Eberstadt, Haupt, Peabody, Roosevelt and Thaw. There were also international political figures like Jaimie de Pinies, a former president of the United Nations General Assembly, ...