Caledonia Jewelers

Caledonia Jewelers
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Local News

  • Boredom
    I should maybe work on one of the two novels I'm working on.. but.. I can't push myself to do it at the moment. I fail as a writer. Rare do I ever just want to write, it seems. I also need to make some jewelry... but I don't feel like ...
  • Black Hills Gold
    Black Hills gold is the favorite jewelry of Laurie Holt, Amanda Lewis and Lorraine Matthews of Dallas, TX. This especially attractive gold is usually crafted into traditional designs that features yellow, rose and green gold molded into ... The gold and copper can be mined anywhere – even Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Andorra, New Caledonia or Wake Island. The gold is compounded with copper to create the 12 karat rose gold, and silver is united with the gold to produce the 12 ...
  • Caledonia woman named burglary suspect
    Green, 23, of Caledonia was arrested Saturday and charged with numerous felonies and a misdemeanor. The arrest followed a week-long investigation into a burglary in which cash, jewelry and two handgunds were stolen, Le Roy police said.