Benson Jewelers

Benson Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Benson, North Carolina.

Local News

  • Mountain Magic in Buchanan on October 3
    Crafters will display and sell items ranging from hand woven baskets, handmade soaps, hand stitched clothing, quilts and accessories, hand crafted wooden items and furniture, ceramics, jewelry, stuffed animals and children's toys as ...
  • The Benson Children's Home Business
    They assured me they would do it and promptly pared down some of our slow selling items and took on some more challenging jewelry and sewing work. They are determined to match their brothers’ $1000 year and tithe $100 to the rainforest ...
  • Different Things You Should Know About How To Buy The Best Trollbeads
    So, they have only been around for an approximate period of 33 years and they have already made their footprints in jewelry making history. In the 1980's Lisa Aagaard took on an apprenticeship with a manufacturer of the new beads. ...