Gibsonville Jewelers

Gibsonville Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Gibsonville, North Carolina.

Local News

  • Ice Cream Store Opens In Gibsonville
    Sharron Tyll owns a jewelry shop right next door to Scoops Express. In this difficult time, neighboring businesses aren't cut throat competitors. They rely on each other for help. “In Gibbsonville, it's like a family community,” Tyll ...
  • what's cool about this place? part 3 i think there should be ...
    another cool thing about gibsonville (and they had air conditioning too) is the deep set blue jewelry company. this is not your normal jewelry store. it's a gallery showcasing - was it 15? 20? more? - different artists' work - mostly ...
  • Hagan focuses on meeting voters in Senate race
    GIBSONVILLE, NC | Everyone seems to know everybody else at the Gibsonville fall festival, winking at neighbors and hugging friends while selling homemade soap, art and jewelry from seats behind a few folding card tables.