Pender Jewelers

Pender Jewelers
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  • NY $pender: nail polish fall 2009
    Hmmm...this jewelry making has made a mess of my hands, so haven't thought about nail polish lately. I tend towards traditional reds - but a bronze might be nice! I love purple, but not sure I could pull that off. ...
  • NY $pender: mother's day giveaway: lara noel hill jewelry
    I think this jewelry is elegant, unique and very wearable. Actually, after looking through the website, I really am drawn to the Burgundy & Pale Pink flower bouquet necklace you included in your email. I think that's my favorite piece! ...
  • would you buy this jewelry?
    You know financial times are hard when jewelry stores start aggressively advertising their. DIAMOND & SILVER. collections! 1/3 CT. TW Diamond Circle Patchwork Star Earrings in Sterling Silver $152 (Zales) ...