Nashua Jewelers

Nashua Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Local News

  • Nashua's Penniless Pocketed Parents Pay Up
    Not many people realize what $15 can buy, not only necessary items but things like jewelry or a new scarf, things sorely needed in my wardrobe. Free education my foot, public education costs more than you would think. ...
  • Diamonds get a fresh look at Nashua fashion show
    Scontsas jewelers has teamed up with Fresh to host From Denim to Diamonds, a fashion show to benefit Ovations for the Cure of Ovarian Cancer. The show is Sunday, Sept. 20, at 6 pm at Saffron Bistro, 80 Main St., Nashua. ...
  • Online site offers handmade items from Nashua and beyond
    The items run the gamut, from furniture and pet wares to art to jewelry and clothing. Ways to browse items on the site are endless. You can search by category or check out the showcase page where a seller selects his or her top item to ...