Cedar Grove Jewelers

Cedar Grove Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

Local News

  • My Grimelines: Good-bye Grimpop!
    Aunt Mimi is usually wearing lots of colorful jewelry. This picture documents that John and I can occasionally have a moment without the kids. John and I with the kids -- well, most of the kids. Ibsen was asleep in the car, but Colby had a little cricket to take his ... The cedar grove was very pleasant, but the parking lot was full of flies -- they were probably staking out the outhouse along with Isaac and Colby. They seem to be waiting for an opportunity for mischief. ...
  • Local farmers, artists & businesses vs. out-of-town tennis players?
    The zephyr squash from Cedar Grove Farm were so tiny and cute this week that I bought some in spite of Bayne's ban on all zucchini and squash. He took the news pretty well. I mean, what if this is my last chance of the season to eat ...
  • National Jeweler names America‚Äôs Best Jewelers
    ... and Watches of El Paso, Texas; Tappers Fine Jewelry of West Bloomfield, Mich.; Van Cott Jewelers of Vestal, NY; Vincents Jewelers of Creve Couer, Mo.; Wyatt Austin Jewelers of Schaumburg, Ill.; and Yanina and Co. of Cedar Grove, NJ ...