Linden Jewelers

Linden Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Linden, New Jersey.

Local News

  • DUNK A LINDEN! « SubliminaLuminations
    It's all taking place at the Jewelry Fair 2009 where I and some other 130 SL jewelers have their gorgeous gems for sale until September 27. Some of your favorite jewelers are also putting their bejeweled butts on the line (so to speak), ...
  • Lane's List: Dunking Jewelers and Lindens for Oxfam
    5 chances for 100L for jewelers. FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18. Nuala Shippe 3-4pm. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19. Kimmora Linden 12-1pm. SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20. Eolande Elvehjem 3-4pm. MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21. Wendy Foxchase 3-4pm. Teagan Linden 8-9pm ...
  • DM Designs » Last Days of the Jewelry Fair
    There are three days left to the 2009 Jewelry Fair…Have you been there yet? So many great designers across two fabulous sims. ALOT of Lindens have volunteered their time for “DUNK A LINDEN” L$ 250/ 5 balls to dunk a linden. ...