Edmond Jewelers

Edmond Jewelers
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  • Price of Diamonds
    Kay Jewelers was started by Sol and Edmund Kaufmann in 1916 so have been going for over 90 years now. They started with one jewelery shop in Reading Pennsylvania and it was a in the corner of their fathers furniture shop. ...
  • Avakian First Wristwatch for Men Watches Channel
    Edmond Avakian joined the family business in 1976 when the company specialized in jewelry sales. Edmond Avakian had an ambitious goal to further develop and expand the business. He concentrated his attention at jewelry design and was ...
  • Edera Crocheted Jewelry: Snowflake Earrings...a sneak peek!
    Edera Jewelry is a collection of one-of-a-kind, intricate fiber jewelry by designer Ivy Long. The pieces are made by the artist using a fusion of crochet and lace-making techniques with traditional jewelry-making skills, for a style that is romantic...richly ... Some inspiring illustrations by children's book illustrator, Edmund Dulac... "Everything about her was white,. glistening and shining..." from the Dreamer of Dreams by the Queen of Roumania by Edmund Dulac ...