Lawton Jewelers

Lawton Jewelers
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  • Value Shift
    One Of My Very Own Top Tens. Ahhh. That age-old subject: time and money. It's high on my list of concerns. I've been realizing that I'm so busy, I don't have time to spend money. (Probably a good thing.) I'm five feet tall on a good day ...
  • Now in French Nest, San Anselmo, CA
    It caught my eye, and sure enough my jewelry is a perfect fit. The store is right on the corner of San Anselmo Avenue, near Tunstead. It’sa large, beautifully-arranged store, run by Silke Solomon and Holly Harper, two women who eally ...
  • Fashion Has An Expiration Date. Style Doesn’t.
    That’s where style comes in, and that’s why I make jewelry that’s timeless. Style is all about you, your authenticity, your ability to make choices, the way you express your love of color and creativity. Style is about your sense of ...