Emmaus Jewelers

Emmaus Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

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  • awesome local raffle – awesome cause!
    $25.00 @ Unforgettable Fine Jewelry 5 Day Pass @ bodyFIT of Columbia $100.00 to Mangia! Mangia! A huge personal thank you to Nancy @ bodyFIT of Columbiafor donating the 5-day pass and a bodyFIT logo workout shirt as well. ...
  • "you know i believe it" (sermon for 9-13-09, pentecost +15b)
    if we wear the latest perfume or jewelry, we will be beautiful. if we use the latest and greatest gadget, we will be wiser or smarter. we are taunted by advertising to help sway our beliefs. there are so many beliefs floating around in ...
  • new clothing store for emmaus
    "with the economy so hard to find a job, i decided to try something different," pilarski said. her store sells new and used items, which includes jeans and shirts with items like jewelry and purses in the mix.