Iva Jewelers

Iva Jewelers
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  • My Home
    And I keep all of my jewelry inside that box. The book is by Ayn Rand and there's a Sofia Dance Week program on top of it. What's on your nightstand? Hope everyone's week started great! See you tomorrow :)
  • Angels for Brianna: The Auction Is Complete
    This costume jewelry piece features a mixed-media pendent with deep purple paper (a color Brianna adored), metal angel wings and a heart, sealed with resin. The color of the necklace is antique brass and I believe the metal is aluminum. ..... Her dress is embellished with vintage rhinestones, ribbons, and some of the words that Iva used to describe her sweet daughter in her eulogy. The title of this piece is "Home To Thy Loving Arms" , which is also the title of the ...
  • Jewelry
    I made this necklace about two weeks ago and I've been wearing it ever since. I really like how it turned out and I enjoyed making it. I'd love to hear any feedback since this is my first try at making jewelry :) ...