Parker Jewelers

Parker Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Parker, South Dakota.

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  • Sarah Jessica Parker Style
    Sex and the City 2 is filming, and that means reporters are following Sarah Jessica Parker even more than they usually do. Some of them have dissed a recent on-set clothing and jewelry combo -- white jeans topped by a torn sweatshirt ...
  • Stone Parker Jewelry
    yellow Stone Jewelry, ? family Stone Jewelry, ? Stone Jewelry rings, ? Jewelry Stone, ? make Stone Jewelry, ? drilling Stone Jewelry, ? Jewelry Stone types, ? kidney Stone Jewelry, ? handmade Stone Jewelry, ? Stone parker ...
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Sparkly on the Set | The Jewelry BlogStore
    She's always been known for her fashion sense, and today (September 18) Sarah Jessica Parker was gorgeous in green on the “Sex and the City 2” set. The Carrie Bradshaw actress looked lovely in a sparkly green minidress with funky blue ...