Clearfield Jewelers

Clearfield Jewelers
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  • Symphony unveils Violins for the Valley fundraiser | Bryan/College ...
    Violins for the Valley is the symphony's merger of area painters, sculptors, glassworkers and jewelers of the visual arts with the audio arts through some 20 pieces of art either created from or inspired by violins. The painted violins include one designed and ... "Ruth Clearfield had told me that other symphonies had used this as a fundraiser before, so I Googled painted violins and saw what other artists had done before in other places." Once Watkins had her violin, ...
  • Hannah's new, new favorite bear
    It dawned on me that she sometimes puts her little animals in the drawers of my jewelry armoire. I look in there, no; I look in my nightstand drawer, no; on a whim, I look in my bedside trash can, BINGO! There was the elusive Baby Bear. ...
  • Jewelry
    Cost: Baby Bracelet - $0.25, Earrings - $0.50, Bracelet - $1.00, Necklace - $2.00. Time Investment: 10-30 minute project.