Edmonds Jewelers

Edmonds Jewelers
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Local News

  • Snapshots from the September 21-23 advocacy trip
    The waitresses are dressed in nice clothes, with small jewelry, handphones. She claims they make less than the woman, standing barefoot in her flooded slum room, ever did at her 12-hour 7-day garment factory job did. ...
  • Le Palmier a Jewel in Downtown Edmonds!
    Vintage décor items include furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, rugs, vintage fabrics, paintings, pictures, sterling silver, handmade jewelry, nautical items, and more. They are also excited by those one of a kind finds and enjoy passing ...
  • Tippy Stockton Custom Jewelry: Progress
    I live in a small town on Puget Sound called Edmonds. I share my cozy little cottage with my best friend and husband, John (that's him in the picture with me), our son Kellan, and a blue eyed little dog, Chloe Bleu. ...