Tukwila Jewelers

Tukwila Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Tukwila, Washington.

Local News

  • Benefits Buzz: Victim comes face-to-face with identity thief
    Yet there was Michelle McCambridge, a 23-year-old J.C. Penney sales clerk, looking at the woman who not long before had stolen thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, video-game consoles and other merchandise by claiming to be Michelle McCambridge ... The Penney's manager kept her talking for a while, but she left before Tukwila police arrived. While scanning surveillance videos from parking lots of the stores where McCambridge's identity was used, Velling and his partner , ...
  • Remodeled Southcenter To Open July 25th | The Tukwila Blog
    The air inside was dusty, the floor was mostly unfinished and unadorned signs hung where stores will be: Kay Jewelers, Hot Topic, Limited Too. The mall's new layout will resemble a racetrack, with three connecting walkways into the ...
  • ee robbins divorcing tukwila for tacoma
    they don't do the sales scheme like other jewelry stores, you know the 40% off 3 days a week, 25% off 3 days a week, and regular price one day a week. every manager of the store becomes a partner in ownership. ...