Franksville Jewelers

Franksville Jewelers
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  • Rapid Rewards in RM Tech Mastery by Desktop Engineering
    According to David Bothwell, president and CEO of Solidscape, “The system incorporates the automatic functions of the popular R66 system used by custom retail and studio jewelers, but with a duty cycle and speed of Solidscape's widely ...
  • » Illini 50 Post-Race Recap and Photo Gallery. ASALMS North Division
    Hilderbrand Jewelers: The Official Jewelers of the ASALMS. Whelen Automotive and Engineering: The Official Warning Lights of the ASALMS. High Groove Marketing: The Official Marketing Arm of the ASALMS. ASALMS Race Talk Radio: The Official Internet/Radio ... 7 13 71 Blake Brown (R)/Franksville, WI Terry' 50 Running 8 9 27 Tom Smith/Tinley Park, IL Plymouth Speedway/Ford 50 Running 9 11 23 Chris Koslek (R)/Grand Rapids, MI Nylaan Body Shop/Chevrolet 50 Running ...
  • Racine Post: The most valuable penny in Racine
    Instead, his business is mostly devoted to buying gold jewelry, so the gold can be melted down into its cash equivalent. Gold this morning was selling for $899.90 per ounce, a far cry from 2002, when it went for $300. (14 karat gold, by the way, ... ONE FINAL NOTE: The Racine Numismatic Society will hold a Coin Show on Sunday, Feb. 22, at South Hills Country Club, East Frontage Road in Franksville, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There's free admission and free parking. ...