Lavalette Jewelers

Lavalette Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Lavalette, West Virginia.

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  • Lifescapes: My Treasures~
    You brought to my mind memories of sea glassing along the Jersey Shore in Lavallette when I was growing up. We would find treasures and show each other our exciting finds. Thanks for taking me back to those happy days. xoxo ... craft and sea glass display ideas, beach locations, shard id, contests, photography, speciality collecting groups and much MUCH MORE! We are a private, agenda and politics free and a non jewelry site. Membership is free to all. ...
  • jewelry window display and wall hanging
    chinatown new york, ny.
  • december sale 2006
    shane lavalette. experience the dynamic 26th annual december sale, where more than 4000 paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry in all price ranges rotate on a daily basis. ...