Saint Albans Jewelers

Saint Albans Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Saint Albans, West Virginia.

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  • The Mewsings: This Is The Mews Humor Issue, Dammit
    Mass produced ceramic art featuring grumpy old women with loud jewelry. Commercials where the dad is treated like a brain challenged loser. Sit-coms where teenagers are gratuitously mean to each other ... (Rutland, Vermont) The record books remain clear: the cow jumped over the moon two weeks ago in the sleepy farming community of Saint Albans, Vermont. Forty-seven neighbors, eight horses, one cat, two dogs, and three herds of disbelieving cattle witnessed the spectacle. ...
  • julie-anne's first blog entry and life story (so far)
    i chose saint albans because it's close to the border and burlington, so i could visit my friends in montreal every couple of weeks, while waiting for the immigration stuff. it's not a bad place, really. a quaint downtown, plus the ...
  • quaquakoboc
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