Daphne Limousines

Daphne Limousines
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  • isn't it iconic?
    apparently expensive travel goods evoke an enviable lifestyle of luxury hotels, limousines, and unalterable chic. well, if you can't marry a president, i suppose advertising suitcases is the next best thing. ...
  • True Blood 2.4 + 2.5 – Shake and Fingerpop & Never Let Me Go |
    As Bill and Sookie and Jessica arrive in Dallas, a very vampire-friendly city, a limousine driver makes a half-hearted attempt to abduct Sookie, but soon gets his ass kicked by Bill. Letting Jessica try out her ... Back in Bon Temps, Sam and Daphne grow closer with the revelation that Daphne is a shape shifter as well… how convenient! Like everyone else in True Blood, they are soon doing it like crazy once left alone for more than five minutes. Sam seems genuinely happy ...
  • Cave News: New presidential limo: not pretty but safe
    It's got auto enthusiasts singing Daphne and Celeste's song “U.G.L.Y.”. You remember the lyrics: “U.G.L.Y., You ain't got no alibi, You ugly! You ugly! Yo mama says you ugly!” The 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine - will replace ...