Somerville Limousines

Somerville Limousines
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Local News

  • The Somerville News Blog: Newstalk for the week of August 9
    Lots of local pols are backing this guy for Governor, but that night the crowd was filled mainly with limousine liberals – you know the type – drive into the city from Lexington and Belmont talking about how we should all just get along ...
  • Carole Carson: Hattie Somerville: My Hero
    No matter what our age or station in life, everyone needs a hero. Someone to look up to. Someone who inspires us. Someone whose qualities we wish to emulate. Seventy-five-year-old Hattie Somerville is such a person for me. I met... ... While riding to the event in the limousine, King Hussein showed Hattie photographs of his world in Jordan, including his favorite horses. When they arrived and the limousine door opened, the pictures went flying. ...
  • Dapper Dan's
    We were very spoiled and often took limousines to the gig. We were all living the life! “She Drives Me Crazy” was one of the big Karaoke numbers for Bill, and I did a pretty fair “Mack The Knife.” Denise still has lots of pictures of ...