Cornelius Limousines

Cornelius Limousines
Let us know if you can't find the limousines you're looking for in Cornelius, Oregon.

Local News

  • The Scene
    The Scene paved the way for all the Detroit local entertainment TV shows that followed and had the impact on Detroit Black Television the same way that Soul Train and Don Cornelius had on a national level.
  • president ford passes away
    finally, two limousines with american flags drove right up to the plane. several large men got out of the first limo and then an older man got out. it was gerald ford. he was on his way to a speaking engagement and was flying commercial ...
  • Debunking Christianity: Tony Alamo: Christian Fundamentalism ...
    Jimmy Bowen, from Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, asked Billy Strange, one of Frank Sinatra's music arrangers and the head of the Frank and Nancy Sinatra Publishing Company, if I would do the promotions for Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius , ... If I went to a hot dog stand or a motion picture premiere, I went with the limousines, chauffeurs, cops, and the whole regalia. The bodyguard would open the door, throw down a big velvet pillow; we would step into the velvet ...