Massachusetts Ministers

Massachusetts Ministers
Let us know if you can't find the ministers you're looking for in Massachusetts.

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  • Tharoor meets Indian policewomen in Liberia
    NEW DELHI - It was appropriate that when Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor visited Liberia, which elected Africa's first female president, one of the highlights of his trip would be a meeting with India's most famous ... theblackbook Deval Patrick: Obama Talked Massachusetts Senate Seat Succession; joffi GI Bill delays frustrate more student vets - Army Times; chrisbaskind Ukrainian prosecutors confirm country helped Georgia during Ossetia war ...
  • An example of the seemingly trivial sort of thing about which one ...
    When our great and devout ancestors the Puritans were settling the Massachusetts Bay colony, their environment prohibited the veriest trace of idleness, threatening them with doom, invasion, or starvation if they so much as slept in beyond the needs ... When the crisis persisted, they urged ministers to hold fewer midweek meetings. In the end, they legislated that meetings were to end early enough that people who lived a mile or more away could return home before sunset. ...
  • Massachusetts Ministers on Gay-Marriage
    Via Good As You: You've heard me harp on same-sex marriage endlessly. This is a pretty interesting video given all the arguments about how same-sex has wrecked Massachusetts and will carve a streak of god's wrath through the US.