North Carolina Ministers

North Carolina Ministers
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Local News

  • NC Ministers Hold Service on Health Care
    RALEIGH, NC – North Carolina ministers are holding a religious service outside the office of Sen. Kay Hagan to promote health care reform. Congregants participating in the interdenominational service will bring petitions for the ...
  • John Brown, pt. 3, cont.
    They were taken before the superior court, but were later released and returned to the North. Others were likewise forced to leave the state, as reported in local newspapers. Since some of the prominent abolitionists were ministers, ...
  • Minister Ruth Graham moved by La. prison visit | Washington Examiner
    Graham's group also visited the death chamber, the hospice program and met with prison ministers. This weekend's program, which will be presented to prisoners and their families as well as prison personnel, will focus on topics such as depression, ... Billy Graham, who is now 90, has faced a range of health problems in recent years and spends most of his days at his home in western North Carolina. To view this site, you need to have Flash Player 8.0 or later installed. ...