Albert Lea Wedding Vendors

Albert Lea Wedding Vendors
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  • Albert Lea Tribune | Immigration reform groups march in Albert Lea
    Carrying a message of hope, justice and fair immigration reform, about 30 people from multiple organizations around the state marched in Albert Lea on Sunday, during what was the last of a series of reform marches over the weekend. The event, called “The Journey of Hope: ..... Even though you have a Louis Vuitton bag (a REAL one, not one of those knock offs), a 2+karat diamond wedding ring, real diamond earrings, designer clothes, etc. and you have a six figure income? ...
  • Albert Lea Tribune | Moose mark 8th anniversary of 9/11
    With the American flag hanging high above him, Albert Lea police detective Frank Kohl, a local Moose trustee, on Friday encouraged people to support the country's troops and first responders. .... altaxpayer - It's no different that taking him to a wedding dance! Or even going for dinner at the Green Mill or Applebees or something. I see nothing wrong a child being there for an event. Posted by leftys2221 (anonymous) on September 14, 2009 at 10:23 a.m. (Suggest removal) ...
  • Albert Lea Tribune | Is it a bird or a moth?
    Jim Malepsy of Albert Lea told me that a white pigeon showed up in his yard — a racing pigeon that had become lost or had decided not to go home. Arly Bachtle, a neighbor, named the pigeon “Snowflake.” Jim and his wife JoAnn looked forward ... JoAnn ran outside and chased the hawk away. Snowflake fluttered off. Jim and JoAnn did not see Snowflake for several weeks. They suspected the worst, but on their wedding anniversary, Snowflake appeared in their yard. Hummingmoths ...