Mankato Wedding Vendors

Mankato Wedding Vendors
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  • Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill — Here in the Bonny Glen
    (The series divides neatly into the young books—the first four titles, during which Betsy grows from age 5 to 12—and the older books, one for each year of high school, plus Betsy's year abroad, and the year of her wedding. ... Just over the hill from Mankato, Minnesota (Deep Valley in the books) was a village called Tinkcomville, named after its founder, James Tinkcom. Tinkcom bought the land in 1873, expecting to sell it in lots for development, but it turned out to be ...
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  • Sidewalk poetry in Mankato's City Center
    -Connie Miller, Mankato; “Wedding” -Susan Stevens Chambers, Good Thunder; “Aging Benignly” -Yvonne Cariveau, Mankato; “Tuna” -Tim J. Brennan, Austin; “Still Life #30” -Shirley Ensrud, Blue Earth; “As We Grow Older” ...