Hernando Wedding Vendors

Hernando Wedding Vendors
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Local News

  • Mills honored for selfless service
    By TEREZKA OLSON Hernando Today correspondent. Published: September 13, 2009. Nazdar,. Congratulations! We have our own Energizer Bunny. Masaryktown's Dee Mills won the national award. When she was selected in the top 10 finalists in June, ... 17; Solomon May, Steve Placko, Milagros Lampert, Keith Voyles Sr., Sept. 18; Tina Smith, Sept. 19. Wedding anniversary wishes to: Tammy and David Byers, Sept. 13; Judy and Elmer Korbus will be celebrating 28 years on Sept. 19. ...
  • Winter Masses to start Sept. 13 at St. Mary Our Lady of Sorrows
    Hernando Today correspondent. Published: September 6, 2009. Nazdar,. Sept. 13 is Grandparents Day! At St. Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church on U.S. 41 south of County Line Road, on Sept. 13, they will start their winter Masses 8:30 a.m. and ... Wedding Anniversary wishes to: Jim and Kathy Umsted, 21 years - Sept. 6; Sharon and Robert Dondero - Sept. 7; Dan and Marion Michales - Sept. 10; Joy and Donnie Brown - Sept. 12. S Bohom. Share this: MORE FROM THIS CHANNEL ...
  • New ministry at Holy Trinity
    By TEREZKA OLSON Hernando Today correspondent. Published: August 30, 2009. Nazdar,. A new ministry called Life Group Ministry (Living In Faith for Eternity) is coming to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Leaders are needed to help begin ... Space for vendors will be available. For more information or space reservation, call Sonja Kleist at 352-540-1196. More information on the rummage sale will follow. Last Saturday, Aug. 22, Steve Voscinar and his twin sister Josie Malloch ...