Bridger Wedding Vendors

Bridger Wedding Vendors
Let us know if you can't find the local wedding vendors you're looking for in Bridger, Montana.

Local News

  • Kristin: Fort Bridger Rendezvous
    It was at night maybe the second night and the moon was full and it was just a really good night. P.S. Happy Anniversary to my parents! On the last day, Sept 7th, it was their 32nd Wedding Anniversary! Posted by Kristin ...
  • Carpe Diem Photography: Bridger + Esme
    Bridger + Esme. Really cute, a little quirky, very playful, and extremely fun. I love this couple! I can't wait to photograph their wedding next Spring. xoxo. Esme, you are one pretty gal! Posted by Emily Hatch at 9:02 PM ...
  • Three Guys and a Girl: Happy Anniversary!
    Our lives have changed so much since our wedding, but lucky for us things seem to just keep getting better and better. I am looking forward to the next 5 years. It is excitning to think about what our life will be like on our 10th ... Dakota is 3 1/2 and Bridger is 7 months old. Scott does land development for my dad and will graduate with a degree in construction managment from BYU in December. I work as a nurse at Timpanogos Hospital on Labor and Delivery and love it! ...