Missoula Wedding Vendors

Missoula Wedding Vendors
Let us know if you can't find the local wedding vendors you're looking for in Missoula, Montana.

Local News

  • birdsongphotography.com – Keep Missoula Weird (aka Ben and Melissa)
    After making the rounds through the West coast, we made a giant circle and again found ourselves in Missoula, MT for the wedding. Missoula is a weird town. It's a place with an atmosphere and personality all it's own, and you either get ...
  • birdsongphotography.com – Karen & Gage – Missoula, Montana
    So, when we were contacted by Karen to come do their Missoula wedding I tried my best to sound professional and not let myself squeal in excitement (at least not til after we got off the phone). Karen & Gage were married at the Roxy ...
    I honestly would get m ore exhausted from doing a portrait shoot than from shooting a wedding. Luckily things have changed. I LOVE taking family photos and now it is FUN! What is even better is that there are several people who have me ...