Henniker Wedding Vendors

Henniker Wedding Vendors
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Local News

  • Does Ocean Born Mary Haunt the Henniker House? | Ghost Eyes
    ... wedding gown when she was, wed. So the parents agreed, the ship was spared and the child was named Mary. Mary wedded a Mr. James Wallace in 1742 and bore him 4 sons and a daughter, they lived in the town of Henniker New Hampshire. ...
  • Ocean-Born Mary: the truth
    The silk wedding gown was very real, and worn by several of Mary's descendants at their own weddings. Pieces of the gown remain, in the D.A.R. Museum in Washington, D.C. and in the public library of Henniker, NH. ...
  • "Ocean Born Mary's" Mansion - True Hauntings of America
    Pedro held the cloth out to Elizabeth and told her that if she would name her child Mary, after his mother, and make her a fine wedding dress from the bolt of fabric, he would spare the lives of everyone aboard the ship. ... Pedro learned that Mary was living in New Hampshire and using the fortune he made from thievery, he purchased 6000 acres of land in Henniker and built himself a ten-room mansion that was said to be one of the largest homes in the state at that time. ...