Fort Sill Wedding Vendors

Fort Sill Wedding Vendors
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Local News

  • April Hopkins Photographer: Laura and Matt are wed
    "After all, what is a wedding, but the most lovely production of them all." -Author unknown. Laura and Matt were married in the Old Post Chapel on Ft. Sill Army Reservation. This was a photographers dream. ...
  • From Phillips Exeter to Duke to Iraq |
    Grace attended the basic officer leadership course at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, and completed the 16-week military officer training program at Fort Huachuca in Arizona on July 8. Grace's assigned duty station is Fort Lewis in Tacoma, ... Grace will miss his sister's graduation in June from St. Thomas Aquinas High School, her final high school soccer games, and a cousin's bachelor party for an upcoming wedding, Ginny Grace said. While there is trepidation on the part of his ...
  • Boots on the Ground: Happy Anniversary to my Beloved
    While I was gone, the date for our 28th wedding anniversary passed. We have been together on all but three anniversaries. In 1993, I was in Lithuania. Last summer, John was in Seattle. And this summer, I was in Glenrock, WY. ... We'll go by way of Ft. Sill, so we can see Matthew and Keri. We'll also visit her very good friends (and mine!) in Corpus Christi. There will be plenty of fun had, and plenty of pictures to share. And John will use his very last vacation day to ...