Yardley Wedding Vendors

Yardley Wedding Vendors
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    Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel was the site of the ceremony and they celebrated afterward with a wedding dinner at the Eifel restaurant in the Paris Hotel. They saw shows and enjoyed their Vegas stay in spite of 111 degree afternoons. ...
  • Moneca.ca Natural Healing Information | Moneca.ca
    September 9th, 2009 by moneca yardley. it has been a busy summer. being a four year for me, i have dedicated myself to work as hard as i possibly can. networking the summer was the hilight. i was in vegas for the ionways.com birthday ... last week i was at a killer wedding of jen and chris. i was sure glad i made it to roberts creek, bc. it was though a final harrah because i was running out of juice and i was ready for this mercury retrograde to begin. what i did not ...
  • Hintons: Flirty Pink, Black and White Wedding
    Who: Jensen and Yardley Wedding Where: Minersville Utah in their Uncles backyard. Colors: Black, white, & hot pink. Photographer: Jenny Hollaway Cake: Heidi Smith Floral: Dolly. This was the beautiful back yard I got to work with. ...