Arkansas Party Rentals

Arkansas Party Rentals
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  • Arkansas Blog: The two faces of John Boozman
    The man did not report owning rental properties, he didn't report living in rent-controlled apartments, he basically fudged his financial disclosures to omit up to half of his net worth. Soliciting funds for the Rangel Center on ... Of course, his action was racial; therefore, defense of his action has to have racial implications, and John Boozman has, once again, shown that he thinks more about the Republican Party agenda to destroy Obama than he does to basic decency. ...
  • Arkansas Blog: Another foe for Sen. Lincoln
    Against my better judgement, I'll give the Arkansas Green Party a little free advice: get a decent web site with a proper domain name. Does sound like a Green Party site? No, it sounds like a group that is too cheap to spend ... Family members may help out with his rentals. He could sure use a few million in bidness subsidies to carry him onward. Last fall John and the former Sheriff of Washington County were taking a motorcycle tour down part of the Pig Trail, ...
  • Webb, lender at odds on suit
    State Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb contends in court papers that he was due time to offer “comments” before being sued for foreclosure on his flower shop and two commercial rental properties. ... from the archives for $1.95 per article. » Click here to search the Archives. If your search doesn't return any results, contact the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette library at (501) 378-3851. This article was published today at 6:25 a.m.. Arkansas, Pages 17, 26 on 09/13/2009 ...