Rexburg Party Rentals

Rexburg Party Rentals
Let us know if you can't find the party rentals you're looking for in Rexburg, Idaho.

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  • dress for sale in idaho falls/rexburg
    flowers at the falls; 498 e. 13th st. t. (208) 522-0241;; creative florists to handle all your needs: weddings, funerals, special events, party rentals, candy bouquets or everyday floral. ...
  • cam and ila: finally. our cross country trip
    MONDAY: got the rental truck and packed it up in Virginia Beach. Empty apt slept on an air mattress. we couldn't sleep cause it was like the night before Christmas. We were so excited to move!!! :) TUESDAY: woke up at like 5 AM. ... FRIDAY: We left super early so we could make it all the way to Rexburg. It was probably the longest day we drove. So the rest of Colorado, then Utah, then FINALLY IDAHO!!! we got to Cams parents house pretty late, we sat in the hot tub then ...
  • Idaho Falls FAQs — Idaho Falls Today! Local Information.
    As for Josecuervo and his Rexburg rumor, that is an old urban legend going around for years, and it sounds like you really have some sort of grudge, because your “rumor” is not true, and never was. ..... I THINK, there was a new law passed not long ago, about renters having to allow pets in rental units, if a person has a recomendation and slip from thier doctor, stating that a pet would help the person renting, with more mental stability and less stress. ...