Clear Lake Wedding Photographers

Clear Lake Wedding Photographers
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  • A Fly on the Wall - 10 Tips for Wedding Beginners
    As a woman, I really feel at an advantage in the world of wedding photography. Firstly, I can capture the excitement of the bride getting ready in a way a man can't because, let's face it, most brides don't want a man hanging around ..... They originally wanted pictures after the reception (a simple lunch) but changed their mind and wanted them between the ceremony and reception (of course on a super bright mid-afternoon day with a lake in the background and sun in their ...
  • Tucson Wedding Photographer, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer ...
    This is a beautiful resort with a relaxing lake view and great golf courses. We were very lucky to have a nice warm afternoon and clear sky since there was a 75% chance of rain that day. The pictures came out perfect with an awesome ...
  • Jesse & Sara Beth get Married - Clear Lake, IA
    be well,. sarah beth WUNDERLICH!!!! ................ True Love... What a lovely couple! The day we had on their wedding could not have been more perfect! We have never seen anything quite like it.