Sparta Wedding Vendors

Sparta Wedding Vendors
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  • Black Tie Photography, LLC: Sparta Wedding- Landon and Holly
    Sparta Wedding- Landon and Holly. Landon and Holly's wedding was a spectacle to say the least! We started off with them and their guests Friday on Private tour of the Mississippi River in La Crosse on a beautiful paddle boat. ...
  • davekirtley: Yale Professor Donald Kagan on Sparta
    For the wedding, the bride's head would be shaved and she would be dressed as a man. At the age of thirty men could leave the school and move in with their wives, but they still ate dinner every night in a cafeteria with their ...
  • The Romans Didn't Like Fat Chicks Either « Roissy in DC
    You may be interested in Gary Brecher had to say about Sparta: “Wanna know what a Spartan wedding night was really like? It's pretty hilarious, in an insane way. As soon as a Spartan girl got her first period, they grabbed her, ...