Wyoming Travel Agencies

Wyoming Travel Agencies
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Local News

  • BLM expects Wyo staff losses
    The BLM in Wyoming has a total of 742 employees, said Cindy Wertz, a BLM spokeswoman in the agency's Cheyenne headquarters. She confirmed Vigil's staffing assessment. She cautioned that the agency is not cutting positions, so no jobs are at risk. ... New communications capabilities will enable the agency to reduce travel costs, while a younger work force will introduce new ways of doing business, she said. Posted in State-and-regional on Monday, April 17, 2006 12:00 am ...
  • Wolf sightings rise near Casper
    It's typical this time of year during mating season for young wolves to break away from their packs in the northwest part of the state and travel long distances, sometimes hundreds of miles, in search of mates. Over the years, wolves wandering off from the ... Eric Keszler, public information officer for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, said the state agency has received five wolf sighting reports from Natrona County recently. The agency passes on the information to ...
  • Competition emerges for legal services grant
    Wyoming has been the only state without an established agency to provide free legal aid in civil court proceedings since Wyoming Legal Services relinquished its federal funding from the Washington, D.C.-based Legal Services Corp. ... " Clinical education is very expensive and requires a commitment of a lot of money, because you need a court staff, you've got to buy malpractice insurance, you need space, you need a travel budget, you need a telephone budget - all those ...