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Lubbock Wedding Vendors
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  • Magen & Ricky | Lubbock Dream Wedding Give Away
    I have attempted to plan a wedding but, in the end I had no time, became extremely stressed out, and realized it was not in our budget. Wedding planning is not easy, I lasted 2 weeks! With Rickys family not having much and mine barely ...
  • Whitney & Joe H | Lubbock Dream Wedding Give Away
    We are already married, because we were in process of organizing a wedding and realized just how much money we would need to start our lives together. We just a baby named Daltin and he is 5 months old we really wanted a wedding so we ...
  • Cathy and Arturo | Lubbock Dream Wedding Give Away
    Arturo has always said when he get's married he wants a nice big wedding, as I agree (what woman doesn't) he proposed to me and we had to hold off on wedding plans. May 2008 my son Toby was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor (at age 5). ...