Wichita Falls Wedding Vendors

Wichita Falls Wedding Vendors
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Local News

  • The Townsend's: Wichita Falls Here We Come!
    Wichita Falls Here We Come! This weekend one of my friends, Lindsey, got married to her fiance Derek in Wichita Falls. After a LOOOONG drive we got there and had a blast! It was a beautiful wedding! Here was B on the way to Grandma's ...
  • The Room Upstairs: Time and the Open Road
    We went to Wichita Falls, Texas to go to Kyle's wedding. It was about a four hour drive each way. I feel like it was a pretty long day, but at the same time it wasn't long enough. I had a good time. I smiled and I laughed. ...
  • Lucinda's Corner: Wedding Anniversary
    It was a nice sunny day for autumn. We took my car and went to Wichita Falls to get our license as my divorce waiting period wasn't up. We had to be married first by a judge but our wedding ceremony was scheduled for October 4th. ...