Michigan Wedding Videographers

Michigan Wedding Videographers
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  • Wine Tasting at Meadowbrook
    Black Star Farms is considering hiring me next year to create an inspiring video for their website. Let's hope! Anyways a good time was had by all. Just another day in the life of a Michigan Wedding Videographer! Deb and Bruce ...
  • Wedding Same Day Edit of Pazong and Ryan
    I was truly amazed by the quality of the video completed in such a short time. I did mention to Pazong that I will forward your contact details to some wedding planner friends of mine as well as friends of mine in Michigan. ...
  • Michigan Wedding DJ Suggests Bride's Re-think Timing
    So, if you do have the usual 6 hour Michigan Wedding Reception, consider that 6 hours is 2 times longer than you ever, even in your college party days, spent dancing. “Oh but Dan, my friends and I used to get to the club around 10 and ...