East Wenatchee Wedding Vendors

East Wenatchee Wedding Vendors
Let us know if you can't find the local wedding vendors you're looking for in East Wenatchee, Washington.

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  • Alley Art Studio: A Wedding and a Feast
    But now, I want to share a wedding we attended over the weekend in Wenatchee (located in Central Washington) as it was perfect in every way, a true fairy tale, filled with intention and meaning, personalized and gracious, but lacking in ...
  • HDR portraits by Gavin Seim
    Wenatchee Senior Portraits 6 450x625 HDR Portrait & Wedding Photography ... wenatchee wedding photography kelso 8 HDR Portrait & Wedding Photography ... spokane wedding photography osten 11 432x650 HDR Portrait & Wedding Photography ...
  • The Wenatchee World ยป Here comes the paleta man
    The little carts filled with the treats have become a common sight at local soccer games, after mid-summer Masses and in Wenatchee neighborhoods and events. In fact, you can even go to Food Pavilion in East Wenatchee (and probably Wenatchee ) as well ... I don't know who the enterprising man selling paletas from his truck was or how he knew a wedding was getting over, but I think he made a killing that day. Just about everybody leaving the church bought a paleta from him. ...