Muskego Wedding Vendors

Muskego Wedding Vendors
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  • shake it up: firsts..
    What was your first job? muskego gateway entertainment complex. also known as the worst job ever. ha not really, i loved every minute of it...until the last few weeks. but i worked with two of my best friends, and became closer with one of my guy friends, ... Whose wedding were you in for the first time? i've never been in a wedding...i dont even remember being at a wedding. except this one from last year...idk my mom and i played "i-spy" the entire time. haha ...
  • The Soon-To-Be Majewskis!: Hotel Accommodations
    Bryan was born in Chicago and grew up in Muskego, WI, where he graduated from high school in 2001 (yes, he is 2.5 years younger than Kari!). He earned an associate's degree in marketing from Waukesha County Technical College in 2004. ... Request a room under the block of "Greenlees-Majewski Wedding" Cut-off date to book by is August 18, 2010. Reduced rate of $99/night. Check-in: 3 p.m.. Check-out: Noon Hotel Amenities: Exercise facility, FREE continental breakfast, ...
  • Muskego High School Class of 1983: Top 100 Songs of 1983
    Well I have to say I have none of those on my MP3 player, but everytime I hear "Do You Want to Hurt Me", I see the opening wedding scene of The Wedding Singer and just have a good laugh. Hey Jill you should probably add that one to your ...